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Ceramist's portrait

a day with ceramic artists

Get to know a star of the international ceramics world

Watch the best of them: in workshops, work demonstrations and talks. In the Ceramist's Portrait, a one-day seminar, the experts reveal and demonstrate how they work. Experience in a relaxed atmosphere and at close quarters how exceptional ceramics works are created.


The Ceramist's Portrait is an exclusive programme item of the International Ceramic Fairs Oldenburg. Please sign up in time - the demand for this extraordinary offer is high.

Ceramist's portrait 2019

2rd August 2019, 10 am - 5 pm
Werkschule e.V. im Kunstforum Oldenburg

with Susan Collett (CAN) und Velimir Vukicevic (SRB)

€ 60,00 incl. Lunch
Werkschule e.V. | Kunstforum Oldenburg
Rosenstraße 41, 26122 Oldenburg
Tel.: 0441 99900840, E-Mail: info@werkschule.de

Susan Collett (CAN)

Susan Colletts preferred material is paper clay. Her sculptures evolve in cycles and display a powerful tension between force and fragility – from the "Labyrinth" series with huge vase-like objects that do not hold liquids, but only the light, to the "Maze" series with its almost chaotic-seeming agglomeration of forms, to the current cycle "Maelstrom" with which Collett explores the world of volumes. Multicoloured clay loops and bands, constructed from the inside, are reminiscent of sponges, corals or dramatically whirling vortices of water. A special feature of Susan Colletts ceramic art is the strikingly varied colourfulness. Some works are fired up to seven times to achieve the desired expression.


Velimir Vukicevic (SRB)

The Serbian artist Velimir Vukicevic has been working with ceramics for more than 40 years. Vukicevic's creative imagination seems inexhaustible, his intellectual wit and the perfect mastery of his profession, his feeling for form, colour, rhythm and beauty lead to ever new artistic highlights. His sculptural works demonstrate his full mastery. Characteristic for his pieces is the elaborate painting with often astonishing three-dimensional effects. For his latest works, he frequently uses similarly shaped, cast porcelain moulds, whose surfaces he designs with illusionistic sophistication ever differently, creating completely new unique pieces.


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